Biannual IFSAM Conferences in Review
No.   Date   Venue   Theme   Conference Chair  
1st   1992.7   Tokyo, Japan   Management and High Technology   Tasuku Noguchi   Soka University, Japan  
2nd   1994.8   Dallas, The United States of America   Linking Management Scholars Worldwide   Janice Beyer   University of Texas,   the United States  
3rd   1996.8   Paris, France   Management of Intangibles   Alain Burlaud   ESSEC, France  
4th   1998.7   Madrid, Spain   Globalization: Impact on Management,   Education, Research and Practice   Santiago   Garcia-Echevarria   University of Alcalá,   Spain  
5th   2000.7   Montréal, Canada   Taking Stock   André Petit   University of   Sherbrooke, Canada  
6th   2002.7   Gold Coast, Australia   Management in a global context: prospects for   the 21st century   Greg Bamber   Griffith University,   Australia  
7th   2004.7   Göteboeg, Sweden   Management in a world of diversity and change   Rolf Lundin   University of   Gothenburg  
8th   2006.9   Berlin, Germany   Enhancing managerial responsiveness to global   challenges   Wolfgang Weber   University of   Paderborn, Germany  
9th   2008.7   Shanghai, China   Fusion and Development of East and West   Management   Su Dongshui   Fudan University, China  
10th   2010.7   Paris, France   Justice and Sustainability in the Global   Economy   Yvon Pesqueux   CNAM Paris, France  
11th   2012.6   Limerick, Ireland   Management Re-Imagined   Michael Morley   Limercik University,   Ireland  
12th   2014.9   Tokyo, Japan   Management in Crisis   Toshio Takahashi   Bunkyo Gakuin   University, Japan  
13th   2016.5   Merida, Yucatan, Mexico   New World Equilibrium: managing regional   realities   Salvador T.Porras   Metropolitan Autonomous University, Mexico  
14th   2018.6   Shanghai, China   Business Management: Region ∙ Country∙ Culture   Zheng Fan   Shanghai International Studies University,   China